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Discover the Best Thai Islands near Pattaya in 2024: Ultimate Island Hopping Adventure

Thai Islands near Pattaya

Discover the Best Thai Islands near Pattaya: Ultimate Island Hopping Adventure

Your Gateway to Paradise

Pattaya’s vibrant energy is infectious, but when the siren song of swaying palms and turquoise waters calls, it’s time to island hop! The Thai islands near Pattaya, located along Thailand’s eastern Gulf Coast, are a treasure trove of natural beauty. Pattaya serves as your convenient launchpad to discover hidden gems and popular island escapes. Thai Garden Resort makes an excellent base for your island adventures, offering comfort and convenience after a day of exploration.

Popular Island Escapes: Choose Your Island Adventure

Koh Larn (Coral Island): The Quick Getaway

Just a short ferry ride away, Koh Larn bursts with energy. Its beaches buzz with activity – jet skis, banana boat rides, parasailing, and lively beach bars offer a perfect day-trip escape. Don’t miss the stunning viewpoint for breathtaking panoramas of the island and the coastline.

  • Activities: Water sports, beach bars, scenic viewpoints.
  • Travel Time: Approximately 30 minutes by ferry.
  • Highlights: Thrilling water activities and stunning views.

Koh Samet: Relax & Recharge

Picture postcard perfection! Koh Samet is all about barefoot relaxation. Find your perfect beach, indulge in a beachfront massage with the sound of waves as your soundtrack, and savour lazy sunset cocktails at rustic-chic bars.

  • Activities: Beach massages, sunset cocktails, relaxed beach vibes.
  • Travel Time: Around 1 hour by speedboat.
  • Highlights: Tranquil beaches and relaxing atmosphere.

Koh Chang: Where Nature Reigns

This larger island is a haven for those seeking a mix of beachside bliss and lush jungle adventures. Hike to cascading waterfalls, explore traditional villages nestled in the interior, or encounter vibrant wildlife on a snorkelling or diving excursion.

  • Activities: Hiking, snorkelling, diving, exploring villages.
  • Travel Time: Approximately 4 hours by ferry and bus.
  • Highlights: Natural beauty and diverse activities.

Getting There: From Ferries to Private Charters

Public Ferries

Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya is your starting point. Regular ferries offer an affordable and scenic ride to the main Thai islands near Pattaya. Search “Pattaya ferry schedule” for the latest timetables.


A faster option if you want to maximise time on your chosen island escape. Great for making the most of a single-day adventure!

Private Charters

For those craving ultimate freedom, consider chartering a boat. You can design your own itinerary, visit secluded beaches at your own pace, and even try overnight fishing expeditions.

Things to Do: An Island for Every Taste

Beach Bliss

Rent kayaks or paddleboards to soak up the sun on powdery white sands, swim in crystal-clear waters, and explore hidden coves.

  • Activities: Sunbathing, swimming, kayaking.
  • Highlights: Pristine beaches and clear waters.


Koh Chang is your playground! Hike to waterfalls, zipline through the jungle, explore vibrant coral reefs on a diving trip, or try your hand at an island cooking class.

  • Activities: Hiking, ziplining, diving, cooking classes.
  • Highlights: Thrilling outdoor activities and culinary experiences.

Culture Seekers

Discover traditional Thai temples or visit local villages, especially on Koh Chang, for a peek at rural island life.

  • Activities: Temple visits, village tours.
  • Highlights: Cultural immersion and local traditions.


Feast on the freshest seafood imaginable, indulge in Thai classics with a sea view and don’t forget to try the dazzling array of tropical fruits and refreshing smoothies.

  • Activities: Seafood feasts, Thai cuisine.
  • Highlights: Delicious food and stunning views.

Practical Tips: Island Hopping Made Easy

Best Time to Visit

For ideal weather, plan your escape during the dry season (November-April) for sunshine and calm seas.


Options abound! Think about your style and budget – from rustic beach bungalows to luxurious resorts with every amenity. Book ahead, especially during peak periods.

Getting Around

Koh Larn is easily walkable, while Koh Samet and Koh Chang are best explored on rented motorbikes. Songthaews (shared taxis) offer an alternative.

Hidden Gems: True Island Escapes

Koh Kham

This tiny island near Koh Samet boasts unique beaches with black volcanic sand and offers a true feeling of getting away from it all.

  • Activities: Beachcombing, relaxation.
  • Highlights: Volcanic sand beaches and seclusion.

Koh Mak

If you dream of a simple beach life with minimal development, this peaceful island will steal your heart.

  • Activities: Beach relaxation, minimalistic living.
  • Highlights: Serenity and simplicity.

Koh Kood

Situated further south, it requires more travel time but rewards visitors with pristine nature, luxurious eco-resorts, and a true castaway feeling.

  • Activities: Eco-resorts, nature exploration.
  • Highlights: Pristine environment and luxurious accommodations.

Meeting People from Around the World

The Thai islands near Pattaya are not just about beautiful landscapes and exciting activities; they are also a melting pot of cultures. As you island hop, you’ll meet fellow travellers from around the world, each with their own stories and experiences. Whether you’re sharing a table at a beachside bar on Koh Larn, joining a snorkelling group on Koh Chang, or enjoying a cooking class on Koh Samet, you’ll find opportunities to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

Shared Experiences

Travelling offers unique chances to forge connections with others. Shared activities like hiking, diving, and even just lounging on the beach can lead to lifelong friendships.

  • Activities: Group tours, beach sports, social gatherings.
  • Highlights: Meeting new people and making friends.

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Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures or tranquil beachside retreats, the Thai islands near Pattaya have something for everyone. Let Thai Garden Resort be your springboard to island paradise, providing a comfortable and convenient base for all your island-hopping escapades.

Final Thoughts

The Thai islands near Pattaya are an incredible destination for anyone looking to explore Thailand’s natural beauty and rich culture. From the vibrant energy of Koh Larn to the serene beaches of Koh Samet and the lush jungles of Koh Chang, there’s something for everyone. Staying at Thai Garden Resort enhances your experience, offering a restful retreat after your island adventures. Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple, or a family, the Thai islands near Pattaya promise unforgettable memories and endless opportunities for discovery.

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